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Peugeot's 2018 Dakar Challenger the Peugeot 3008DKR Maxi - Photo: Supplied PEUGEOT UNVEIL 2018 DAKAR CHALLENGER June 28, 2017 - International Read More Kelly Bettes cracked the 500km/h mark at Willowbank over the weekend - Photo: Supplied KELLY BETTES FIRST WOMAN TO CRACK 500KM/H IN AUSTRALIA June 27, 2017 - Latest News Read More The brand-new FRD LMP3 Series makes it debut at Zehjang International Circuit this weekend TIM MACROW JOINS STRONG AUSSIE CONTINGENT IN FRD LMP3 June 27, 2017 - International Read More Mark Lauke's West WX10 in the Australian Protoype Series UNDER THE SKIN: WEST WX10 – FROM SANDOWN TO LE MANS June 27, 2017 - Under The Skin Read More Romain Dumas won his third Pikes Peak - Photo: James Holland/Romain Dumas Racing ROMAIN DUMAS WINS THIRD PIKES PEAK June 26, 2017 - International Read More Valentino Rossi wins in Assen - Photo: LAT INTERNATIONAL WRAP: MOTOGP ASSEN & AUSSIES OVERSEAS June 26, 2017 - International Read More Daniel Ricciardo pulling off a stunning move that would ultimately give him the lead - Photo: LAT DANIEL RICCIARDO WINS EXTRAORDINARY AZERBAIJAN GP June 26, 2017 - F1 Read More The former Supercars engineer Jeromy Moore now part of the Porsche team in the World Endurance Championship INTERVIEW: JEROMY MOORE – JJ MAKES HAY June 25, 2017 - Interviews Read More Sebastien Loeb's Peugeot 208T16 at Goodwood - Photo: LAT SEBASTIEN LOEB REUNITED WITH HIS PEUGEOT PIKES PEAK RECORD CAR June 24, 2017 - International Read More Todd Hazelwood earns Supercars Enduro drive with Brad Jones Racing - Photo: Daniel Kalisz TODD HAZELWOOD EARNS ENDURO CALL UP June 21, 2017 - Latest News Read More Melbourne retains it spot as the opening F1 race of the year - Photo: LAT F1 RETURN TO FRANCE AND GERMANY AS 2018 CALENDAR REVEALED June 20, 2017 - International Read More Jaxon Evans clean swept the Porsche Carrera Cup round in Darwin - Photo: Dirk Klynsmith GARRY’S DARWIN SUPERCARS SUPPORT WRAP – SUNDAY June 18, 2017 - Latest News Read More Scott McLaughlin completes DJR Team Penske sweep of Top End - Photo: Dirk Klynsmith SCOTT MCLAUGHLIN COMPLETES PENSKE SWEEP IN THE TOP END June 18, 2017 - Latest News Read More