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The two rival Formula 5000 style series come to an agreement to work together

The two rival Formula 5000 style series come to an agreement to work together

The two rival Formula 5000 styled series, Formula Thunder 5000 and Super5000, have come to an agreement to work together to create a single V8 open-wheeler category that they both set out to achieve.

Veteran racer John Bowe facilitated the introduction which lead to meetings between FT5000’s Chris Lambden and Wilson Security’s John McMellan who was backing the Super5000 project.

These meetings allowed the two parties to come to an agreement that will see them fully integrate their seperate projects and work together to develop one car. With the focus to bring back exciting open wheeler racing back to Australian motorsport.

“This is the significant step forward which will allow the concept of a modern 5000-style race car and series to actually happen, and happen well, which is what we both started out to do.” said Lambden after the announcement.

“I am more than pleased with the way we have been able to reach this solution, which I happily endorse and support.

“I’d like to thank John Bowe who, knowing all the parties involved, organised an initial meeting with John McMellan (Wilson). It was from this meeting that John McMellan basically said ‘Let’s just get this sorted and find the solution to work together.

“He then coordinated bringing all the relevant parties together and from there it all came together very quickly and easily.

“The one thing that became apparent quite soon was that we all are primarily what I’d call ‘motorsport people’, and our motivation for getting into all this was the same. It didn’t take that long to agree a sensible way forward.

“I’d really like to acknowledge and thank everyone who has supported our efforts to date and reassure them that this outcome will result in a ‘5000-style’ race car and series that will be well worth coming to see.”

“I am very optimistic that something special will be able to come out of this.”

Formula Thunder 5000

Formula Thunder 5000

John McMellan was also happy to see a resolution going forward.

“It’s also good to have Chris on board, who will play a role in the ongoing technical discussion.” said McMellan

“An outcome such as this will only result in a better outcome both commercially and technically as well as for the sport.

“The project team will take the best elements of both designs and thinking along with some other new thoughts to ensure we have a stand-out category that results in exciting, fast and action-packed open-wheeler racing.”

It’s understood that work has already commenced on the merged project under the S5000 project umbrella, with further testing and development planned for both chassis as part of a detailed technical evaluation.

A final revised technical specification, bringing together combination of elements of both projects, is set to be released in the coming months.

The expectation is that the new project will deliver a field of cars that will contest a series of key feature races starting from mid-2018.

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