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This year’s planned Formula A Series has been cancelled due to a severe lack of competitor support according to a statement made today by Formula A organisers.
Early indications suggested there was potential for a minimum 12 car grid to be achieved but unfortunately by January it was clear to organisers that this number of regular competitors was going to be difficult to achieve as some competitors decided to not embrace the series.
Formula A was shown support by many of existing Formula 3 competitors as well as new members planning to contest the series in other open-wheelers but a number of existing competitors chose not to show support to the series with this uncertainty leading to this decision.
Organisers had worked hard to reduce costs and bring in initiatives for drivers including a fully funded round in a Kumho Series car, but the series did not exist to underwrite the costs to allow others to go racing.
The organisers would like to thank Gilmour Racing, Paul Zsidy and James McCabe for their support of the concept, as well as Kumho Tyres, CAMS and the CAMS National Motor Racing Championships.