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The 2018 IndyCar revealed - Photo: Supplied

The 2018 IndyCar revealed – Photo: Supplied

IndyCar have revealed the the new Dallara chassis that the series will used from 2018.

The reveal of the new cars at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, came ahead of extensive test program before the new chassis are available for the teams in November.

Juan Pablo Montoya and Oriol Servia will get behind the wheel of the new cars, show here in their super speedway configuration, for the first test at Indianapolis tomorrow.

The new car has a second configuration for use on short ovals, permanent road courses and temporary street circuits, which will showcased at the next test at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in August.

The 2018 IndyCar at Indianapolis - Photo: Supplied

The 2018 IndyCar at Indianapolis – Photo: Supplied

Honda and Chevrolet engines will again power the 2018 cars, continuing to use the current specification 2.2 Litre V6 Twin Turbo units.

The design of new chassis have had major focus on improving the visual appeal of the cars. As well big improvements in driver safety, particularly in side impacts.

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