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Victorian State Circuit Racing Championships are at Sandown this weekend - Photo: Rebecca Thompson

Victorian State Circuit Racing Championships are at Sandown this weekend – Photo: Rebecca Thompson

The Victorian State Circuit Racing Championships head to Sandown Raceway this weekend for their fourth round of the year.

Hosted by the Australian Sports Sedan Association, the weekend will feature a packed schedule with racing from the Victorian state Formula Ford series, Sports Car series, Historic Touring Cars, Formula Vee, Saloon Cars, Hyundai Excels, Improved Production, Porsche 944’s and the HQ Holden’s.

Since being joined by the Australian Formula Ford Series for the first round, the Victorian state has been dominated by Liam McLellan who holds a solid 50 point lead over Angelo Mozouris, Zac Soutar, Cooper Murray, Ben Reichstein and Hamish Ribarits heading to their second trip to Sandown for the year.

Damian Milano was dominate on his way to round victory back in March, but since then Michael Cruse has propelled his Ford Escort to the head of Improved Production. Milano, Luke Grech-Cumbo and Matthew Logan will have power to play with at Sandown, as will Jamie Augustine in the Sports Cars with his Dodge Viper. Expect an influx of GT3 and maybe GT4 cars to enter the Sports Car field after CAMS lifted the exclusion against them.

Damian Mitchell will be hoping to bridge the gap to Ford driver David Wright in the Saloon Car standings, as Glen McDonald will hope to hold out Perry Bekkers and Tony Moloney in the HQ’s. Cameron Beller and Chris Lewis-Williams are set to duel in the 944s, Phil Chester is set to continue his domination in the MGs and the hotly contested Hyundai Excels will again be split into two grids. Adam Bywater returns to the fray after missing Winton, but Nathan Blight and Ashley Wright will be hard to beat.


Q1 0915 20min Historic Touring Cars
Q2 0940 20min Formula Ford/Formula Ford 1600
Q3 1005 20min Sports Cars
Q4 1030 20min Hyundai Excel
Q5 1055 20min Formula Vee
Q6 1120 20min Improved Production Cars
Q7 1145 20min Porsche 944
Q8 1210 20min Saloon Cars
Q9 1235 20min HQ Holden

R1 1310 9L Historic Touring Cars
R2 1333 9L Formula Ford/Formula Ford 1600
R3 1356 9L Sports Cars
R4 1419 9L Hyundai Excel
R5 1442 9L Formula Vee
R6 1505 9L Improved Production Cars
R7 1528 9L Porsche 944
R8 1551 9L Saloon Cars
R9 1614 9L HQ Holden


R10 0910 9L Historic Touring Cars
R11 0933 9L Formula Ford/Formula Ford 1600
R12 0956 9L Sports Cars
R13 1019 9L Hyundai Excel
R14 1042 11L Formula Vee
R15 1109 11L Improved Production Cars
R16 1136 11L Porsche 944
R17 1203 11L Saloon Cars
R18 1240 11L HQ Holden
R19 1307 11L Historic Touring Cars
R20 1334 11L Formula Ford/Formula Ford 1600
R21 1401 11L Sports Cars
R22 1428 11L Hyundai Excel
R23 1455 9L Formula Vee
R24 1518 9L Improved Production Cars
R25 1541 9L Porsche 944
R26 1604 9L Saloon Cars
R27 1627 9L HQ Holden

Tickets for the weekend will be available at the track, with admission prices being $20 for Saturday, $25 for Sunday and a weekend pass is $30, kids under 16 free.

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