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Sergio Perez has revealed that he has been on a strict diet in the buildup to the Australian Grand Prix because Force India’s new car is carrying some extra weight.

The day before the teams take to the track at Albert Park the Mexican has confirmed that he has lost weight in order to compensate for the fact that the new VJM10 is  few kilos over the desired weight.

In spite of a new, higher weight limit the race is on to build some new and lighter parts for the upcoming races.

Perez detailed some of the car’s weaknesses in Melbourne.

“One of them is the car is too heavy,” he said.

“And then some weaknesses that we straight away found out, with the braking of the car. I am sure pretty much every other team is finding weaknesses with the car but everyone is focusing on finding them and fixing them as soon as we can.”

To compensate Perez has been training hard, but in a modified way.

“I trained hard to lose weight in the last couple of weeks since Barcelona. I was on an extreme diet all last week and still now, from now until Saturday. I am all the time hungry.

“It’s not easy. It is not like a normal person. We have very little fat in our bodies. I am still doing my training, but not as normal. I am reducing my weights, to lose a little bit of muscle. It is a matter of how much I can lose in the next weeks.

“We haven’t weighed the car, but right now I have lost two kilos, or three, until Saturday.

“Probably later on I can out back on the muscle. It will help. The weight sooner or later will be on it, if not this week, by Bahrain.”

Perez also said that he was surprised when Force India Chief Operating Officer Otmar Szafnauer told him that there would be new colours this season, after the signing of technology company BWT as a major sponsor.

“Otmar called me and said, what did I think about my helmet being pink? I was quite sleepy and I called him back. We had a discussion and after the deal got done pretty quickly, I was happy to have such a big partner in the team.

“I was quite sleepy! Let’s say, it was OK. What do you mean? How pink do you want? I am always very supportive of the team and for new partners.

“It will help us, a lot. The team is in a great position. To see big brands, showing a lot of interest in the team, it means that it is one of the most important teams in Formula 1.

“We will make history in the sport, purely because of the colouring! I don’t think anyone will want to get overtaken by a pink car!”

Force India finished fourth in the Constructors’ Championship last year and Perez says that the team is focused on improving at least one position this year.

“The objective is still to finish third, to move up. We have seen in winter testing that we are not in position to move, to finish third [yet]. The improvements we have this year will be huge.”