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Happy birthday Brocky

Today is the birthday of Peter Geoffrey Brock, AM.
Born on this day in 1945, Peter would have been 72.

Known to most of us as The King of the Mountain, or simply Brocky, PB was one of Australia’s best-known and most successful motor racing drivers.

But he was more than just a racing car driver, he was a national hero, a household name and someone that everyday people with no interest in motor racing knew of and followed.

To many of us he was much more, he was an inspiration for many who aspired to follow in his footsteps into a career in motor racing.

He was always quick to offer support or give advice whenever he felt he could be of help.

For decades he was the people’s champion and a dear and supportive friend and a community leader to so many.

To those who knew him well he was just a genuine bloke who lived life to the full, but he always had a warm smile and time to chat to anyone.

On this day we celebrate his achievements and for what he meant to so many people within Motorsport and other areas he supported.

Happy Birthday Peter Brock.