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Preston Hire Racing has revealed the Holden Commodore that Lee Holdsworth will pilot in the 2017 Supercars Championship, while the team also revealed Karl Reindler will continue with the team this year.

The team also showed off their new workshop located in Mount Waverley, which has been built up over the last six weeks.

Holdsworth is hoping the work he has done during the off season will pay dividends during the season.

“I’ve had a big off season, trying to get fit for the season and obviously the big crash set us back for our whole team financially, mentally and emotionally, “explained Holdsworth.

“We’re back to get some results this year and I think we have set the foundation to come back as a stronger force.”

“At the start of this year I started building up the training. I’m starting to get into a bit of cardio now. I can do a little bit of running, I can’t do a lot because of the pelvis, cycling, rowing and anything I can get my hands on. Every day of the week I’m doing something and make sure that I’m 100 per cent ready to go for the start of the year.”

Holdsworth also mentioned that the new tyre could play to the advantage of the smaller teams.

“It’s hard for teams to have done much development over the off season, which is a good thing, said Holdsworth.

“If you put the development on hold it’s hard for the teams with the bigger budgets to come out with something brand new that they know are going to work, they don’t know what’s going to work yet because they haven’t tried the tyre.”

Holdsworth will be driving the car he drove the last half of the season in with new Chief Engineer Chris Stuckey

Holdsworth will have his first hit out in the car for the year at next week’s Supercars test day.